about me

Due to my unsuccessful search for a considerable work of art for my living room wall, I decided in the fall of 2015 to create this wall lettering made of poplar plywood by myself. For this I bought the cheapest jigsaw set with ten saw blades in the nearest hardware store, some acrylic paint, styrofoam balls, metal chains and semi-circular strips. Then I was busy for about three weeks with the rather improvised creation of this lettering.


The result was received very well with a lot of praise . Since I had great fun building it and was pleasantly surprised by the response, I decided to figure out, how to do such work more effectively and smoother.

My search led me to scroll saws. I borrowed the first one and immediately created another lettering; smaller this time but with more accurate and smoother lines.


Satisfied with the result and determined to continue doing such work in the future, I returned the saw and got my own, which was on sale at the time at my local hardware store.

In the following months, I spent most of my spare time creating various logos and letterings. I soon reached the limits of my machine and at the same time gained a lot of new knowledge about scroll saws and in general to work with wood, but also the handling of acrylic glas, aluminum and LEDs in some of my pieces.

A new, better saw had to come! The research led me to a small selection and I finally decided on the model Excalibur (Ex-30 "). I am currently working with this machine and am very satisfied. You will find many of my works in the gallery.